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Mindfulness for Life

17 October-05 December
Monday, 16:45-19:00 UK, 18:45-21:00 TR (19:45-22:00 TR, after 30th October)

This program is a scientifically prepared secular program in light of the latest research. All practices and meditation recordings have been carefully designed for everyone, sensitive to trauma.

Mindfulness for Life, MBCT-L;

🔸 noticing bodily feelings, emotions, and thoughts and learning about their relationships with each other,

🔸 bringing a different perspective to life,

🔸 enjoying life more,

🔸 developing a sense of compassion for yourself and others,

🔸 being able to give more skillful responses to life,

A program developed at Oxford University to cultivate the ability to cope with distraction, stress, and anxiety.

New skills are practiced online every week for 8 weeks, and mindfulness practice is started to be used in your daily life by practicing it yourself at home. Thus, when the program is over, you will have the practice to continue.

In this training, Oxford Mindfulness Centre Program (MBCT-L), will be applied by Mindfulness-Based Interventions: Teaching Assessment Criteria (MBI-TAC).

This course will be led by the teachers trained by Oxford Mindfulness Centre.

for getting detailed info and the price, please contact: email.

Dates and Times

Session 1, 17. October, 16:45-19:00 UK (18:45-21:00 TR), 
Waking Up From Automatic Pilot  

Session 2, 24. October, 16:45-19:00 UK (18:45-21:00 TR), 
Another Way of Being: Keeping the Body in the Mind  

Session 3, 31. November, 16:45-19:00 UK (19:45-22:00 TR)
Gathering the Scattered Mind

Session 4, 07. November, 16:45-19:00 UK (19:45-22:00 TR), 
Recognizing Reactivity  

Session 5, 14 November, 16:45-19:00 UK (19:45-22:00 TR),
Allowing and Letting be
Session 6, 21. November, 16:45-19:00 UK (19:45-22:00 TR), 
Responding Skilfully: Thoughts Are Not facts  

Practice Day, 26. November, 10:00-15:00 UK (13:00-18:00 TR), 
Silence Day  

Session 7, 28. November, 16:45-19:00 UK (19:45-22:00 TR),
How Can I Best Take Care of Myself?  

Session 8, 05 December, 16:45-19:00 UK (19:45-22:00 TR),
Mindfulness for Life  

Experiential Learning

The program is predominantly based on experiential learning, not didactic. During the program, new skills are developed with online meetings of approximately 2 hours each week. Participants are expected to practice for an average of 40 minutes, 6 days a week. The practical content changes every week building on the previous ones. It is recommended to follow home practices.

Practice Day

The Practice Day lasts approximately 5 hours and offers participants the opportunity for a long practice time. This day is also called the Day of Silence. Silence is expected from the participants throughout the day and it is recommended to avoid external stimuli as much as possible, such as social media, telephone, books, and television. The trainer guides the learned practices throughout the program.

You can think of this day as a gift to yourself.

General Information

We know that it is important to pay attention to the competency of the trainer when choosing a course. Your trainers, Zeynep Ağacikoğlu and John Danias, completed the MBCT (Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) Teacher Training from the world-leading University of Oxford Mindfulness Foundation and we will be adhering to the Mindfulness-Based Interventions – Teacher Assessment Criteria (MBI-TAC).

Our training will take place online via Zoom.

Application Process

We would like our participants to fill in the registration form below. Once your information reaches us, we will hold an individual pre-interview meeting of 15 minutes with each participant. We will determine the time and date together.  This is to ensure the program is suitable for you.

Registration form

* All personal information you have provided in this form will only be shared with Zeynep Ağacıkoğlu, John Danias, and the Oxford University supervisor, and will be kept confidential from others.

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